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Danielle Mom to Angel Pauli

Memorial created 03-13-2007 by
Dani mom to Pauli
Paul (Pauli) Shanno
July 26 1993 - May 14 2003

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03-22-2007 9:29 PM -- By: Joe Wilkes,  From: Topeka, KS  

Pauli's picture stole my heart. I never knew that a kid like Pauli could have so much will to prove everybody wrong. My hat goes off to that kid, for he has much more heart than I will ever dream of having.

03-16-2007 11:45 AM -- By: Crystal, visitor,  From: North Carolina  

You sound like you were an amazing mom!!! I'm sure Paul knew you were. God Bless you

03-16-2007 8:41 AM -- By: Kathy, visitor,  From:  

What a sweet boy! I have 2 children with life-long disabilities and, like you, I KNOW the best place for them is at home with me, their Dad and 2 siblings. No child should ever call an institution "home". My best friend had a foster son who sounds very much like your Paul. His name was Billie. She also was told he wouldn't live out his infancy so they delayed the AV shunt. It was only months later, out of shame, that they finally did the surgery. By that time, Billie's head circumferance had grown a lot which greatly complicated his care needs. He, too, had cortical blindness, eating dificulties and frequent pneumonias. They also assumed he was totally deaf but his responses to familair voices said otherwise. Sadly, had Billie be institutionalized, he probably would not have lived past infancy but through the love & caring of his "Mom", he enjoyed life for 15 years. He simply went to sleep one night & awoke in Heaven. You will always treasure the wonderful memories of your Paul. Please know that he & Billie are running through the fields in Heaven and are no longer carrying the limitations of their Earthly bodies. God bless you & yours.

03-15-2007 9:20 PM -- By: Alicia, visitor,  From:  

I am so sorry for your loss. My brother has TBI from being hit by a car when he was 9. We also have him at home and NOT in a nursing home. He is now 19 years old and doing very well. I can't imagine the pain that you are going through. Just remember that you did everything you could and gave him the best life possible. My prayers are with you and your family. God bless

03-15-2007 7:11 PM -- By: Denise, visitor,  From: New Jersey  

Was here visiting my sister and a friends's memorial and came across your beautiful tribute to your Pauli. What an amazing family! God chose you to care for one of HIS "special children" and it was no accident that you were selected. There are not many in this world that HE can count on to do what you did. I admire your strength and courage. No matter what obstacles, you faced it all. Your bond of love was is so strong and your deep compassion and respect for a human life is rare gift. If only the world were full of people like you. Paul's work here was short lived but it was powerful. He has earned his reward with God. God Bless All of You

03-15-2007 1:00 PM -- By: Marcella,  From: NB Canada  

This is a very sad story....brought tears to my eyes...what a courageous little boy...fought all his life. You must all miss him but he's in good hands. My prayers are with you and Paul Good Bless You All, Marcella...Joey Cyr's mom...he past away last dec....he's here in VM if you want to visit him...he wasn't as young as Paul but when you loose a child, no matter how old they are,I think it's the worse pain a parent can go through in their entire life.

03-14-2007 6:25 PM -- By: Darla,  From:  

Dear Dani AND Paul,I wanted to come and visit with you both.Dani what a amazing ,ADORABLE son you have,I want you to know God truly Blessed you with this Beautiful Angel.Your Son is soooo precious in every way,I can see all the love for him through your Beautiful Memorial.THOSE WE LOVE DONT GO AWAY THEY STAY WITH US EVERY DAY,WHEN YOU MISS HIM PUT YOUR HAND ON YOUR HEART AND CLOSE YOUR EYES(Feel that)TWO HEARTS BEATING AS ONE HE WILL ALWAYS BE WITH YOU.Paul is a Beautiful Angel in Heaven With My Sister (Cathy Gail Carnes Brown),She was a school teacher for the Little blind children. She loved them all sooo much. She is here also on VM PLEASE COME AND VISIT WITH US,I am sending you all a Great Big HUG,SOOO BE READY HERE IT COMES GOD BLESS YOU ALL I WANT YOU TO KNOW WE ARE HERE ANY TIME FOR YOU ,I AM SOOO HONORED TO HAVE GOTTEN THE CHANCE TO MEET YOUR PRECIOUS SON PAUL, THANK YOU FOR SHARING HIM WITH US,LOVE YOUR FRIEND DARLA AND ANGIE,Cathys Daughter, JUST CLICK ON CATHYS PICTURE

03-14-2007 11:36 AM -- By: Bonnie White,  From: originially from Virginia but now reside in NY  

I can't have children, but I feel I have many children at the Center for the Disabled that I fully love(d) as my own. Pauli was one of them. Actually, he was my favorite (I know I am not suppose to have favorites, but I did). He opened his heart to me and brought me joy. His favorite thing to do was to tease me, but I would tease him right back. Wewould laugh and laugh. Because he trusted me, he would do anything I tell him to do and that included hard work. So, I'll never forget his last day at school, just before he visited God. He was crying and was struggling to breath, so I took him down to nursing. Because his lungs were so full of fluid, nursing could not hear anything wrong and they said that he had already had a breathing treatment. So, I brought him back to the classroom and told him there is nothing else to do but to work. That is exactly what Pauli did. He was a fun-loving little guy who played and worked hard. I will never forget him and the lessons he had taught me.

03-14-2007 10:29 AM -- By: Fawn Carranza,  From: Atlanta, GA  

WOW, what an amazing story. I realy truly believe children like Paul are Angels here on earth working for God to teach us and to change us. For God has plans for our lives and he only gives special children to special people. I too had a "Pauli" and her name was Paula but I called her Pauli and sometimes Pauli pooh. I had her at 18 years old. She too was sick at birth they tried to tell me that she would die as soon as she was born but when she lived in the NICU for a week they started trying to get me to put her in a nursing home. But she was all I had after being abandend by both my parents and a very hard life she was the best thing to ever happen to me sick or not. She was my world the doctors said she would never know who I was even if she did live. Every time she heard my voice her face lit up her smile was so big and happy. She knew exactly who i was, i loved her so very much. She had shunts put in twice and tubes in her ears. She never could eat so she had a NG tube. Her heart is what finally took her and took my heart with her. but by the time she passed away I was a comletely different person than before i had gotten pregnant. I guess God saw something in me that i myself did not even know was there. Because he was just getting me ready for the life that i have now. As a little girl all i wanted is for a family to love me. My Paula taught me how to love and how to be loved and to have patiant so i could be the mother of the 7 children that i have now. But most of all the relationship that i have with God is awesome and i know that God is keeping her safe until i see her again. God bless you- i know that he already has. Fawn

03-14-2007 7:57 AM -- By: Charlotte,  From: England  

Just passing through and came across Pauli, I have tears in my eyes. What a beautiful tribute to a beautiful boy. God bless you xx

03-14-2007 12:56 AM -- By: Donna,  From:  

Dear Dani....What a wonderful memorial for a great kid..........Paul sounds like he was a joy in so many ways....God sent him to the very best home for those 9 years he spent on earth...God bless and keep you until you are reunited....Mother of Jared Acker

03-13-2007 11:31 PM -- By: Jodie,  From: Newton, Kansas  

A great deal of the the work I have done is centered around parent who will not protect their children and children who leave this world with the knowledge that their parents were not willing to forego the next meth hit to protect their child. I find it encouraging to know that your child made the trip to the other side feeling love and support. I mourn for your loss, but I celebrate for the love your child was able to experience. I am grateful to you for your willingness to share your story. When I look at my own children, I am sometimes afraid that I have not given enough. Your story reminds me that there is a miracle in providing a person with love and support while they are here. You created that miracle for your child. Jodie

03-13-2007 8:33 PM -- By: Lisa & Noah,  From: Tasmania, Australia  

Pauli was a beautiful Angel on earth and an inspiration to many. We know he is watching over you Dani, until you meet him again. Love, Lisa, Noah & Family (hydran family)

03-13-2007 5:55 PM -- By: Terrie Whiteman,  From: Harleysville,Pa.  

Hi Pauli, It's Terrie, ^Joey's^ Mom, I hope he's taking good care of you in heaven and I know he's taught you how to play soccer. Send your pretty Mom lots of those kisses and hugs OK? Love,Terrie

03-13-2007 5:05 PM -- By: Jamie,  From: Rockland, MA  

Hi! I am so very sorry for all you and your family have been and are going through. I can only relate with respect, what it's like to loose a child. My son, Nicholaus was 3 weeks old. Different situations, but the pain is just the same. Paul, you, and your family will remain in my heart and prayers. Take Care, Jamie Olsen

03-13-2007 4:43 PM -- By: Angela Mason,  From:  

Dani, Beautiful job on the site for Pauli! I loved reading his story. What a little man he was! Hugs and kisses from Chrissy and I! Love, Angela

03-13-2007 3:32 PM -- By: Kim Gumpher,  From: PA  

The new site is wonderful! I am glad that I am getting to see it. Even though I didn't get a chance to meet Pauli, visiting this site has given me the chance to do just that. Thanks Dani!!

03-13-2007 11:50 AM -- By: Sharon,  From: Atlanta, GA  

I'd not heard of hydrocephalus or hydranencephaly - what an amazing little guy your Pauli was and what a wonderful family he has. Your ups and downs must have been numerous but your love sounds soooo strong. My deepest sympathies to you and your family. Warmest Regards, Sharon

03-13-2007 11:44 AM -- By: Jolene Pregent,  From: Upstate, NY  

Love the new site!! (Hello Dani!!!)

03-13-2007 11:12 AM -- By: Dee Dee (hydran mom),  From: Fort Walton Beach, FL  

Hello. I read all about Paul Ryan. He was so adorable and so much like ^Elizabeth^ in every way. These kids are amazing in every way and I am glad you let others read about your Precious little Angel..


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